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Installation and Management Services for Forem

Foremdev sets up self-hosted forem communities, we helps you tweak or personalise your experience while building a forem. We give one time and long term affordable services to get you the most out of forem. Using our services focus on what you should focus on community building.

Why foremdev?

Forem is a set of complex softwares handing many features, installing forem can be hard. Foremdev installs self-hosted forem websites for you so that you can avoid dealing with complex forem setups and servers but unlock a forem server that you own under $15/month We handle the entire process of installing the code, adding https to you wesite, setting up a newsletters adding users for moderation, setting up storage for images etc


Just call us forget about it and get a community software in 48 hours. its just that easy. Focus on where you focus best on your community

Setup forem on server

Setting up forem can be hard and it may require a lot of technical knowledge. With just one request get your forem setup in 48 hours


Once we install forem it will just cost you less than $15-20/month to run your community. Which are server costs and is taken by AWS or digitalocean

Setting up newsletters

You may want to setup a news letter for your commutiy we will set it up for you. For a more enaging community experience

What is forem?

Forem is a open source software community management software which gives you the power to build a thriving, focused, and adaptable community . It provides various things like community generated articles, moderation, listings, sponsorship management, invite only logins . This help businesses host thriving communities focused around their products and services. Once you choose forem

Everyone's involved

Create a community where everyone can get involved with discussion, listings, content sharing.

Open source

The software is completely open source. There is no hidden analytics or controlling your community later on.


In built moderation tools to better your community. So, that eveyone can share there opiniion in a safe place.


It can be used for a wide variety of use cases as an internal tool in a company as a completely open community it supports all types of use-cases.

Features on Forem

Built an open, triving, focused and welcoming community with community generated articles, content moderation, listings and sponsorship management, feed, discussions, search, podcast management, video sharing etc.

Feed Control
Content Sharing
Content Moderation
Invite only logins
Login with Twitter and Facebook
And much more...

Communities built on forem

Following communities are already thriving on Forem what are you waiting for




One Time Installation

Basic Setup

Self Management

* Done in 24-72 hours

* This is a one time setup after that everything is self managed


$89 /mo

One time Installation and setup


5000 email per month

Basic Support

* Done in 24 hours

* This is a one time setup after that only updates are added and basic support



$189 /mo

One time installation and setup


Server management

20,000 email per month

Priority Support

* Done in 24 hours

* Priority support is provided to the customer as needed

Nothing fits your needs. Contact us for a custom quote

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